United Methodist Open Door

United Methodist Open Door is a social service agency that serves those in our community who are in need of life’s basic services: food, clothing and shelter. Our community’s homeless, as well as those who are simply facing difficult economic times, find open doors and caring hearts when they visit Open Door.

One of the SJCF principals, Brad Biddle, has been an active board member with Open Door for eight years. He has been instrumental in fundraising for their programs and facilities throughout his service. He served as the board president in 2013 and has helped the Executive Director of Open Door, Deann Smith, and the other board members make decisions about design and construction.

A capital campaign raised $2.75 million for the new food storage and distribution center, located in an accessible area to those in need. The past center was not near the people who need Open Door most because they were not on the city’s public transit route. SJCF designed the renovation and oversaw construction for the new distribution center which was completed in March 2017. The new center includes a large warehouse for food storage, an open and inviting waiting room, areas for grocery pick up and a cubicle area where staff can conduct interviews with the center's clients. There is also a room for corporate meetings for other organizations wishing to learn more about the program.