Riverfront Stadium

SJCF Architecture was honored to be the architect of record for the multi-use Riverfront Stadium project and work with many other local firms on this project as well. Located in the Delano District neighborhood, the Riverfront Stadium features a 360-degree perspective with capacity for more than 10,000 who can experience baseball and football games, concerts, civic events, and more. It is prominently located on the west bank of the Arkansas River, serving as a crown jewel for the area and a catalyst for growth in and around the neighborhood.

From the start, our design team acknowledged the rich history of the Delano neighborhood, which rose from the prairie at the end of the 19th century.

Those were times of drastic change from rough wooden structures and saloons to permanent brick buildings, new businesses, and innovation. Wichita was evolving from its Cowtown roots into a 20th century Air Capital City. The design team honored this transformation by creating a cohesive pallet of historically influenced materials such as brick, corrugated copper, and aluminum panels, and applying them throughout the Riverfront Stadium development. As a result, it is successfully anchored to the site and its architecture provides an important sense of place that is distinctly Wichita.

The finished product has received national attention. More information about the stadium can be found here.

Looking for a recreational project that is unique to the area and captures the needs of the client as well as the wants of future patrons? SJCF Architecture is dedicated to listening, adjusting and producing work that will serve the community for years to come.

Riverfront Stadium is part of a walkable urban development, designed to be fully experienced, by pedestrians, on all sides. Early in the planning effort, SJCF Architecture’s design team worked to assure a humanely scaled building that respects its neighborhood. By cladding much of the façade in traditional masonry, creating a rhythm of pilasters, and embellishing it with stonework and timeless detailing, the designers were able to create an approachable and familiar building that welcomes visitors in.

Stadium design is often shaped by the steel framing that supports its seating, suites, and press boxes. SJCF Architecture’s design team took full advantage of these functional elements to create an iconic vocabulary recalling the railroad trestles and bridges that spanned the Arkansas River early in the life of the Wichita community. From the dynamic river entrance pavilion to the soaring ballfield lighting towers, black steel framing was intentionally shaped to leave an impression on fans, citizens, and even those simply driving by the stadium.


Stone Creek Elementary School

The design intent of the new Derby Stone Creek Elementary was to have light-filled, dynamic spaces that offer flexible learning opportunities throughout. A central hub includes administrative offices, a cafeteria with outdoor dining space, and a gym that also serves as a storm shelter. Two classroom wings with 12 classrooms on each wing radiate out from the central hub, with breakout rooms shared between every other classroom. Skylights illuminate hallways that are sized to function as learning spaces. A Learning Hub, found at the end of each classroom hallway, creates bright spaces for learning, collaborating, and reading.

Security of students and staff was a high priority, and the design reflects this with safety features such as cameras, locked vestibules, intruder locks, and locations for sheltering in place. Interior finishes include playful wall graphics, furniture, carpet, and tile. The exterior building materials include metal panel, glass, brick, and stone that coordinates with the Stone Creek neighborhood.


Steve Clark YMCA and Student Wellness Center

The Steve Clark YMCA and Student Wellness Center on WSU campus is a partnership between Wichita State University and the Greater Wichita YMCA to provide a state of the art facility for Students, Faculty, and Community that serves to address all aspects of personal wellness.

The 73,500sf facility offers a holistic approach to well-being with the inclusion of Student Health and Counseling Services alongside the traditional fitness programs. These offerings will include gymnasium space, studio space, locker rooms, an expansive fitness floor, and a two-story lobby with room for social interaction and other health seekers. A 250 yard long three-lane track encircles the upper floor of the building and offers extended views to the surrounding campus context.

What makes this facility truly unique, is the addition of a two-level Student Wellness Center connected to the main lobby of the facility. The first level houses Student Health Services, which totals 8,000sf and meets the immediate medical needs of students and faculty, and the second level includes Counseling Services providing mental and emotional support. The Counseling Services floor is over 5,000sf of space and consists of offices for counseling staff, support spaces, a relaxation room, and a group room for large counseling sessions. Also included is a 4,000sf Urgent Care Clinic operated by Wesley, which will serve the neighboring community.

Sited on a busy intersection between the main Education Campus, Student Housing, and the newly developed Innovation Campus, the WSU YMCA is sure to be a hub for university students, business people, and youth and families from the neighboring community to network, with a common goal of healthy living.

Higher Education

WSU Baseball Performance Facility

Eck Stadium, Home of Tyler Field has seen generations of Wichita State University baseball players come through its doors.  Within its walls, Shocker baseball teams have won league championships, hosted regional NCAA tournaments, and even returned home as victorious national champions.

For 40 years, Eck Stadium has been growing and improving right along with the players running its basepaths.  And, for most of those years, SJCF Architecture has been there to give shape to the baseball program’s vision.

With the final phase of the long-term plan complete, players, coaches, and fans can finally enjoy the results that so many have worked so hard to accomplish.

The WSU Baseball Performance Facility is the link that unifies the baseball game experience with all of the planning, the preparation, the training, and the coaching critical to building a championship caliber baseball program.  This 10,000 square foot building connects the Indoor Practice Facility with a newly constructed home dugout and includes weights and cardio spaces, offices for baseball operations, ticketing offices, training rooms, and baseball locker rooms.

The Performance Facility is the public face of WSU Baseball Operations and provides coaches an outstanding tool for teaching the game of baseball and recruiting its best talent.


Center for Advanced Professional Studies

The Andover school district Center for Advanced Professional Studies (CAPS) program is housed in a new two-story building and incorporates a large event space, multiple collaboration spaces within a commons area, classrooms, labs, and administrative spaces.

Local employers mentor students using industry tools and techniques in the following areas: marketing, business, information technology, engineering, medical professions, and the Butler Community College SEM program.

The Medical Professions program includes biotech labs, nursing classrooms, anatomy, sports medicine, and collaborative workstations. A classroom with an Anatomage table (28”x74” interactive display board for looking at a full-size digital representation of the human body) is also included; as well as an Application Lab with a hospital bed and exam tables connected to an interactive “dummy” computer for practical application.


Meadowlark Elementary School

Meadowlark Elementary School is a new elementary school building located at the Southwest corner lot of 159th and 13th street in Andover, KS. The building is designed to accommodate the education of Kindergarten through 5th grade students. In addition to classrooms, the building program is comprised of a Gymnasium, Cafeteria with Prep Kitchen, Media Center with Maker Space, Building Administration Offices, and associated Accessory Spaces.

The building anticipates community and district growth by planning for the future construction of classroom additions at each of the classroom wings. The site incorporates extensive drives for parent and bus drop-off in addition to visitor and teacher parking. Outdoor spaces include new playground equipment and an open athletic field. Safety and security are also a priority with two storm shelters incorporated within the classrooms and a high visibility secured entry integrated within the design.


Holy Savior Catholic Church and Academy

For decades, the Holy Savior Catholic Parish has been a strong presence in their community, providing a place from which the parishioners have served their neighbors diligently.

In 2014, the Holy Savior Parish requested the assistance of SJCF Architecture to help them re-imagine their current site, their church, and their academy.  The people of the Holy Savior community provided direction to the design team through parish town hall gatherings and community engagement efforts.  With the tireless dedication of the building committee and clear Pastoral leadership, a bold vision of a unified parish site containing a new academy and a new church was created.  The people of Holy Savior called the vision “A New Hope, A New Home, Built of Living Stones”.

Today, this campus is a beacon, serving more than 200 students and 500 parishioners, shining light with a sense of noble simplicity on the neighborhood.


B-29 Doc Hangar & Education Center

When you give history a home, it looks exactly like the new, interactive B-29 Hangar and Education Center (Home for Doc), where everyone can enjoy the science, technology, engineering and mathematics required to restore Doc, the priceless Superfortress manufactured in Wichita during World War II. Since the year 2000, volunteers from Wichita’s diverse aviation workforce, as well as military and business communities, have spent hundreds of thousands of hours restoring Doc. After spending 42 years sitting in the desert, Doc represents only one of two airworthy B-29’s currently in operation, thanks to the tireless restoration efforts that preserved Doc’s rich history.

The 32,000 sq.ft. museum hangar keeps the plane in peak flying condition, preserving it for generations to come.

A 3,500 sq.ft. mezzanine provides opportunity to look down into the cockpit of the aircraft, and accommodates an exhibit gallery which illuminates the war contribution of the B-29 Superfortresses as well as the story of Doc’s restoration.

The outdoor plaza and entry lobby draw patrons toward the majestic plane, which acts as the backdrop for the exhibit gallery. The building also houses offices, conference rooms and locker rooms to support the ongoing care and maintenance of Doc.


Kyodo Yushi Manufacturing America (KYMA)

An exciting collaboration between SJCF Architecture, Kyodo Yushi Manufacturing America (KYMA), Lubrication Engineers, PEC and Eby Construction led to the construction of KYMA’s first American manufacturing plant in Maize, Kansas. The new facility, designed to process bulk oil and additives to create high performance automotive greases, covers approximately 50,000 square feet and includes a product development lab, manufacturing area, shipping and receiving and administrative/office space.


Emprise Bank Westlink

This bank was transformed from a traditional retail branch into a modern business banking center.  This branch features a teller pod concept that facilitates more personal interactions between bankers and customers, as well as a demonstration counter for hands on demos of the most sought after business tools.

The dated interiors were upgraded and contemporized by removing the dark wood paneling that flanked the walls and brown brick flooring that continued from the entry to the teller counter. The new finishes include custom millwork, glass offices, expanded high ceilings with decorative LED lighting, new carpet, tile, accent wall surfaces, and furniture.